This is a list of wikis that had heavy contributions by JustLeafy:

  • w:c:destroyer-yt (founder) - a small wiki about the Pixel Gun 3D YouTuber Destroyer and his videos.
  • w:c:dream - a wiki about the YouTuber and professional Minecraft YouTuber Dream and his friends. JustLeafy created most of the articles of his Minecraft Manhunt series and improved the existing ones.
  • w:c:dan-bull - a wiki about the English YouTube rapper Dan Bull. JustLeafy founded the wiki and added most of his albums.
  • w:c:avicii - a wiki about the Swedish DJ Avicii. JustLeafy added the two other studio albums with their tracks.
  • w:c:quwack (founder) - a small wiki about the Pixel Gun 3D YouTuber QuWack and his videos.
  • w:c:bad-company (founder) - a wiki about the the classic rock band Bad Company.
  • w:c:vimeo - a wiki about the video platform Vimeo, where JustLeafy added pages for the eight Vimeo originals.
  • w:c:bridger5 (founder) - a small wiki about the Pixel Gun 3D YouTuber bridger5 and his videos.
  • w:c:hot-sauces (founder) - a wiki about all the different types and brands of hot sauces.
  • w:c:peacock-streaming-service - a wiki about a streaming service, where JustLeafy added several pages for Peacock Originals.
  • w:c:netflix - a wiki about Netflix Originals. JustLeafy is a bureaucrat there, and he has added almost 1.5K+ articles there alone.
  • w:c:bloonsconception - a wiki about fictional Bloons content. JustLeafy is a content moderator there, categorizing and deleting articles.
  • w:c:sml - a wiki about a YouTube web series SuperMarioLogan. JustLeafy is a content moderator there, allowing him to maintain and format articles.
  • w:c:diepio - a wiki about and, two similar multiplayer shooting .io games. JustLeafy completed 80 articles in a short time in July-August 2019 and now serves as a co-bureaucrat.
  • w:c:puzzledom (founder) - a small wiki about the all-in-one puzzle app Puzzledom.
  • w:c:rebeccaparham (founder) - a wiki about the YouTube animator Let Me Explain Studios and her videos.
  • w:c:flowfree (founder) - a wiki about the mobile puzzle game series Flow Free.
  • w:c:youtube - over a hundred pages for YouTubers were added by JustLeafy alone.
  • w:c:justleafy (founder) - you're here. It's a wiki about JustLeafy and his code snippets and fictional content.
  • w:c:mutilate - general reorganizations for the wiki and made a page for every item in Mutilate-a-Doll 2.
  • w:c:templates - several dozens of different templates with different simple functions.
  • w:c:dev - major contribution for adding stylesheets that modernize features.
  • w:c:pgideas (founder) - first successful wiki founded by JustLeafy, it is about fictional content for Pixel Gun Fanon Wiki.
  • w:c:bloons - a mix of good and bad contributions, but ended up being blocked permanently. Drafted for the decorations of Bloons Monkey City are still available to copy and paste from w:c:bloonsdrafts to w:c:bloons.
  • w:c:pixelgun - JustLeafy's starting point, 45K edits of mass creation of pages of the more obscure content in Pixel Gun 3D, with the initial edits being for Pixel Gun World content.

Up Next

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After That

In the Future

  • w:c:wikis - adding more wikis in there.
  • w:c:reddit - adding all of the subreddits I follow with over 500 subscribers.
  • w:c:discord - adding all of the Discord servers I am in with over 500 members.
  • Updating stylesheets, archiving old ones, and making new ones.
  • Revealing all of the exclusive recipes from JustLeafy's family in w:c:recipes.
  • Offering Discords for every wiki on the Fandom app that doesn't have a Discord.
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