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JustLeafy's Wiki is a wiki founded by JustLeafy (well that seemed to be pretty obvious), intentionally created for sharing his concepts, characters, stylesheets, templates, stories and many other things. JustLeafy can also use this wiki as a test wiki or a sandbox in a certain way. This wiki will also be a wiki where articles for a select few franchises can be developed to the best, but this won't happen forever. Currently under construction, there is a decent amount of articles to read for now, but more will come.

If you come in here to explore around everything that is related to code in this wiki, feel free to explore JustLeafy's templates, stylesheets and even JS scripts. If you are one of those people who would like to read some interesting articles about my content, then feel free to explore everything that is not related to code. If you are interested in both, then explore the wiki all you like.

DISCLAIMER: JustLeafy does not allow editing in most articles, unless if it is for development purposes or correcting mistakes.

🡢   Quick Reading

ModernLightbox          ModernLightboxA script that modernizes the lightbox

Fandom Gamepedia          Fandom & Gamepedia ServerDocumentation about the Fandom/Gamepedia Discord

Math Formula          Math FormulaA math formula discovered by JustLeafy (by coincidence at least)

FFA          Flow Free WikiA wiki project from JustLeafy

Vehicle Sniper          Vehicle SniperA unique sniper weapon

🔥   Trending

HepiAvatar          JustLeafyCreator of HowToBasic (not really)

Crack Dude          Crack EbolinA character, a meme.

Hepi          Hepi (emoticon)A bootleg of the Lenny Face that is considered as a meme.

Cultural island          Cultural IslandOld home of Tom, final location in the Anti-Dater Story, map in Extreme Wars.

Sniper Rifle          Sniper RifleA sniper weapon in Extreme Wars.

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